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October 12th, 11:00 – 12:00 CET




Exploring opportunities to drive circularity with advanced mechanical recycling

Join one of the industry’s most renowned leaders in plastic circularity, TOMRA’s SVP Business Development, Jürgen Priesters, and leading circular economy advisor, Bilyana Ignatova (VP, Circular Economy Europe at TOMRA) as they talk through how we can close existing quality and quantity gaps along the plastics value chain by producing enough virgin-like recyclate from different material streams – including mixed waste streams – with advanced mechanical recycling.

Speaker topics include:

- How advanced mechanical recycling ensures high-quality recycled plastic to close the quality gap 
- How to produce significantly more plastic recyclate from various material types and waste streams, including  mixed waste, to close the quantity gap   
- The complementary role of chemical recycling in resource recovery  
- The impact legislation and global commitments have on increasing the circularity of plastics.

Meet the speakers


Bilyana Ignatova

VP Circular Economy EU, Public Affairs at TOMRA   

Bilyana is a leading advisor on creating effective policies to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. Her expertise in sustainable resource management focuses on a holistic systems approach that includes policymakers, value chain members, communication experts, and research companies. 


Jürgen Priesters

Senior Vice President, Business Development at TOMRA

With over 25 years in the waste management industry, Jürgen is considered to be a renowned expert in his field. Working with various stakeholders across the value chain, Jürgen focuses on the establishment and growth of circular treatment facilities worldwide, as well as new segments, and new applications.  

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